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Rotavapor R-100

no joint, no glass, 110V

Rotavapor R-100 - no joint, no glass, 110V
Item No. 11100N002
Availability In stock
Display Without
Glass Assembly Without
Heating Bath B-100 (20 - 95°C, 4L)
Interface Without
Lift System Manual
Protective Coating Without
Recirculating Chiller Without
Standard Joint no joint
Vacuum Pump Without
Voltage 100 - 120V
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The rotary evaporator R-100 is a high-quality, entry level Rotavapor to meet the essential needs in classical laboratory applications. It is capable of a manually adjustable rotation speed of 20 to 280 rpm and equipped with an action jack lift for manual lifting of the evaporating flask. Included is the selected condenser, 1 L receiving and evaporating flasks, and a vapor duct. All accessories are included for out of the box usage.

Glass Assembly Without glass (can be ordered separately)
Heating Bath B-100. Temperature range of 20 °C to 95 °C. Max. evaporating flask size: 4000 mL (3 kg). Digital display of set and actual temperature (alternating).
Lift System Manual lift
Protective Coating Without glass coating
Recirculating Chiller Without Recirculating Chiller
Standard Joint No Joint
Vacuum Pump Without
Voltage 100 - 120 V
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